| Boating & Swimming Program |

Welcome to the Waterfront!

Located on the shores of Lake Bennettsen you will find the boat house and swimming dock filled with laughter, songs, fun and some pretty amazing decorations. Campers will have the opportunity to participate in using different watercraft vessels ranging from fun yaks, canoes, row boats, & paddle boards. Every activity is geared towards the campers age range per unit. Campers in 2nd thru 5th grade get to begin their water craft skills, while 6th grades develop their rowing skills, 7th - 8th grade develop their canoeing skills as well as participate in Mid lake activities, and 9th - 12th grade get to use their knowledge of lashing skills to make up a vessel out of pool noodles to then compete in a race.

Over at the swim dock you can find many things a float. Campers are able to test for either white, blue or red swimmer giving camper the abilities to swim in different sections of the swim dock based on swimming skills. campers have the opportunity to use different flotation devices (pool noodles & inner tubes) while playing in the lake. Red swimmers get the opportunity to use the floating island/dock as a point of fun for diving/ jumping into the lake.

All of our waterfront staff are red cross certified life guards as well as certified in small watercraft safety courses.