Nature & Camping Skills

Welcome to Nature & Camping Skills!

Nature and Camping Skills is a daily activity for campers in Hacienda, Lakeside and Pioneer.

Activities may include naturally decorating bandanas, nature identification hikes, art projects, owl pellet dissection, fire building, knife safety, and knot tying.

Each topic is explored using hands-on, age-appropriate activities.

Skills learned in this day unit promote self-confidence, creativity, camp skill safety and a love and respect for the out of doors.

| Nature Staff Introductions|

| WoHeLo & Huckleberry |

WoHeLo and Huckleberry have run Nature and Camp Skills since 2017. They love working as a team and have known each other since their daughters were in kindergarten. With Huckleberry’s help, WoHeLo mentored a Girl Scout troop of amazing young women for ten years.

| A Fun Memory From Camp |

McLeod 2019 staff included 9 former 50512 troop members and an Eagle Scout nephew thrown in for good measure. Mentoring these girls and now watching and working side by side with them as they mentor the next generation was a gratifying experience.